ONENESS M Regular Edition

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ONENESS M, an original album celebrating the 20th anniversary of SUGIZO’s solo debut, features renowned vocalists from a wide range of musical genres. This fantastic album could only have been created with these accomplished musicians who are SUGIZO’s dear friends.

◼︎Regular Edition
¥3,000(tax out)
2017.11.29[wed.] RELEASE

[CD (SHM-CD): Vocal album featuring guest singers]
* Mastering engineer: Stuart Hawkes (Metropolis)
* Supports PlayPASS®

01.Eternity feat. RYUICHI
02.Daniela feat. Yoohei Kawakami
03.Vibrant Despair feat. kyo
04.Rebellmusik feat. K Dub Shine
05.If We Meet by Chance feat. TERU
06.PHOENIX ~HINOTORI~ feat. Toshl
07.Garcia feat. TOSHI-LOW
08.Drifting Emotions feat. Jinsei TSUJI
10.Where the Light Ends feat. MORRIE

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