LOVE & TRANQUILITY [Regular Edition]

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Modern society is accelerating its division due to the Coronavirus pandemic and is exhausted by individualism. His upcoming album is the first time in three years as SUGIZO solo, and it would be a healing music like holy water that gently permeates the hearts of people got hurt. Inspired by Jomon’s altruistic equitable society, it’s led to the theme of “LOVE & TRANQUILITY”. This album is an ambience of salvation with an eye on the new world of post-pandemic.
■ Regular Edition
CD (SHM-CD) Booklet

1. Nova Terra
2. Childhood’s End
3. A Red Ray feat. miwa
4. Tsuioku
5. ENDLESS ~Transcending the Darkness~ feat. Maki Ohguro
6. The Gates of Dawn
7. Mindfulness
8. CHARON ~Shichi Bongo~
9. Where the Light Ends feat. AiNA THE END (BiSH)
10. So Sweet So Lonely

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